GM Venture

The Larson family has a long and reputable history on the BC Coast.

Residing and working out of Campbell River BC for over 40 years, Bob Larson owner of the "GM Venture" and Larson Towing Co. Ltd. offers a vast experience in towing barges and assisting barges, log towing and assisting log tows, assisting and towing all types of construction rigs,  including set up, dredging harbours and towing mud scows out to dump sites .

We do all aspects of tugboating and general marine towing. No job is too small as we have done installation work of all kinds, for fish farms, anchoring, towing fish farm pens with or without fish, booming grounds, private dock facilities, salvaging boats and barges.  Larger jobs , such as the assist work in laying of the gas pipeline across Georgia Straits, and assisting barges and dredges in the sewer outfall project for Comox off Cape Lazo.

We have an extensive list of other projects, and assist work up and down the coast over the course of years, specializing in towing barges, handling barges in tidal waters and tight quarters.

Our areas of transit scope from Vancouver to the Northern tip of Vancouver Island and all the channels, tidal areas and inlets in between Vancouver Island and the Mainland.

We take pride in our work and give all our customers prompt, safe and reliable service.

Available for any type of General Marine Towing   ------  24 Hours a Day  ----- 7 Days a Week

Someone will always answer the phone and be willing to assist you at  Larson Towing Co. Ltd.         250 287 9116

Fully Insured & Certified Crew.

General Marine Towing ------  GM Venture  553 HP 

We specialize in:  Towing Barges    Assisting Barges    Log Towing    Construction Rigs